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Maryland Set to Launch Recreational Cannabis Market on July 1st

MARYLAND – Maryland residents and visitors aged 21 and above can legally purchase cannabis from approximately one hundred established medical marijuana providers starting July 1st, according to a Leafly report.

Under the new legislation, adults ca possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis at a time while those who already have a medical cannabis license will adhere to more lenient restrictions. The cultivation of up to two cannabis plants per residence is also allowed under the law.

Additionally, law enforcement is barred from conducting vehicle searches solely based on the odor of cannabis.

Dispensaries in the state will adhere to regulations that encompass identity verification, sales monitoring, and advertising limitations. While the introduction of adult-use sales might lead to temporary supply shortages, steps have been taken to guarantee sufficient availability for medical patients.

Efforts are currently underway for expungements and equity licenses, with the initial round of licenses being earmarked for social equity applicants.

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