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Maine Cannabis Museum Plans Exhibition Launch in Early 2023

PORTLAND, ME – A new museum focusing on cannabis cultivation is slated to open in the arts district of Portland early next year, Mainebiz reports.

Started as a non-profit, the new museum is called Core and is located at 553 Congress Street. Core is connected to a new adult-use dispensary that is located next door at 555 Congress Street.

April Arrasate, the CEO of both locations, says she wants the museum to reflect the dispensary’s focus on social justice. The mission of the business includes a commitment to diversity and female ownership.

Arrasate entered the cannabis industry in Connecticut back in 2008 with her first company, Curaleaf Inc. She then moved to Boston and started her first locations of Seed and Cure. The Cure museum in Boston examines cannabis prohibition and incarceration in America with its “American Warden” exhibition.

Arrasate intends for Portland’s Cure exhibition to focus on how the history of cannabis prohibition in America has impacted the cultivation process. And until the exhibition launches in the winter, she wants Core to act as an open community space for artists and other creators.

Maine legalized recreational marijuana for adults in 2016, and Core + Seed is Portland’s newest addition to the cannabis scene.

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