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Kevin Nash’s Jackknife Strain Launches 9/2 in Michigan

Six-time world wrestling champion Kevin Nash will be touring Michigan dispensaries in September to launch his new cannabis strain, High Times reports.

The NWO co-founder announced his entry into the cannabis industry and his partnership with HYMAN Cannabis at two Gamechanger Wrestling events back in January.

Nash’s signature strain is called Jackknife, which he named after his signature wrestling move, the Jackknife Power Bomb. The strain is a combination of HYMAN’s Creamsicle and Soñado strains. Nash chose the name because he feels it accurately represents the power and strength of the bud.

HYMAN is a Michigan-based cannabis producer that refers to itself as a “luxury lifestyle brand.” The company oversees 30,000 square feet of grow space, and all of its plants are sourced and cultivated locally.

Nash’s Jackknife strain launches on Friday, September 2nd at select dispensaries throughout the state of Michigan. Nash will tour several of the dispensaries on September 2nd and 3rd to promote his product and sign autographs.

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