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Kentucky Gov. Weighs Executive Action if Assembly Fails to Pass Cannabis Legislation

KENTUCKY, GA – In a recent tweet, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear hinted at taking executive action in order to provide access to medical cannabis for specific groups of patients.

According to WKYT, the Governor’s message, which comes just ahead of the Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee’s third town hall in Hopkinsville. He cites the overwhelming support for medical cannabis legalization in recent years.

“This question about medical cannabis is almost always on my survey and over the last five years has drawn between 85 and 91 percent approval,” said Repetitive Al Gentry.

Although a Republican-led bill on cannabis legalization passed in the house this year, such a bill was never heard in the senate.

“It is my belief that the intent of the constitution was to put the power in the hands of the people and there’s no way you can exercise that if you don’t engage in the process,” Gentry continued.

The Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee’s town halls have allowed Kentuckians to cove their opinions on all cannabis-related matters, many of which are positive. Individuals suffering from chronic pain and PTSD, many veterans, are calling for a change at these town halls.

” A lot of people talk about supporting veterans. One thing that you can do to support our veterans is to allow the people to use this… and not have these men die as criminals.”

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