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Georgia Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Marietta

COBB CO., GA – After nearly a decade of legislative actions, cannabis patients in George were finally able to access medical cannabis oil from a dispensary in Marietta last Friday, April 28th.

According to a report by WSB-TV, The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission approved in a unanimous vote two dispensary licenses to companies in the area. Before the vote, the possession and use of cannabis oil in Georgia was legal. However, growing cannabis plants and bringing the oil across state lines remained illegal, leading many patients to break the law in order to obtain cannabis oils.

Shannon Cloud, the parent of a child that uses the oil to treat a rare genetic disorder, has fought a nine-year battle to reach this point.

“It’s an exciting day,” said Cloud. “Patients have had to take great risks meeting people on the streets, potentially making the oil in their own home, getting it from other states, and a lot of people have taken huge risks in order to even obtain the oil they needed for their medicine.”

Trulieve, one of the companies who received a dispensary licenses, opened it’s doors to patients at their Cobb Parkway location on Friday morning. Four additional Trulieve  dispensaries are on track to open in the state.

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