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‘Canna Cabanabus’ Redefines Cannabis Experience in Denver

DENVER, CO – A pioneering model for the cannabis consumption lounge, the Canna Cabanabus, is set to make its debut in Denver on Friday evening at the Santa Fe Art District’s First Friday event, KDVR reports.

According to Alisha Gallegos, the owner of Canna Cabanabus, the business aims to provide a legal space for cannabis consumption in public areas, as well as outside concert venues and wedding receptions.

Operating under Denver’s marijuana social equity program, the business model allows consumers to bring their own marijuana on board for a $10 fee during the art walk event.

The bus is equipped with features to ensure a safe and controlled environment, such as blacked-out windows, a carbon filtration system, a medical-grade air purifier by the driver’s seat, and a double barrier.

Gallegos acknowledges the challenges of advertising a business in the cannabis sector, as regulations restrict the display of logos outside the bus and the use of billboards. However, she plans to collaborate with local dispensaries and businesses to spread the word about Canna Cabanabus.

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