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Washington LCB Considers Social Equity Licensing Rules

The Washington State Liquor Cannabis Board plans to hold a public hearing on September 14th to discuss a new proposal related to cannabis shop licensing.

According to The Washington Times, the LCB is contemplating a “social equity license” that would prioritize shop licenses for those who have been negatively impacted by prohibitive drug policies.

This new type of license would operate on a points system, which would quantify the extent to which a license applicant or their family has been affected by marijuana prohibition.

The system would award points based on several criteria, such as being convicted or imprisoned for non-violent marijuana charges, having a family member who has been convicted or imprisoned on marijuana charges, or living in an area that has been especially targeted by proscriptive cannabis policies.

As an incentive, the city of Seattle has pledged to provide a million dollars in grant funding to help former convicts launch their new marijuana businesses if the LCB approves the new social equity licensing rules.

The Liquor Cannabis Board has reserved 40 shop licenses in anticipation of the new rule.

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