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University of Denver Begins New Programs For Careers In Cannabis Industry

DENVER, CO – Students interested in pursuing careers in the cannabis industry will have new educational opportunities in Colorado this semester, KDVR reports.

The University of Denver is launching four new online classes in conjunction with Green Flower, a company that provides training programs for cannabis professionals.

The university said it is offering four career-focused cannabis certificate programs, each designed in direct response to job demand needs within the industry.  They are: cannabis healthcare and medicine, cannabis agriculture and horticulture, the business of cannabis and cannabis compliance and risk management.

The programs, created by top experts in the industry, are 6-month courses that cost $2,750 when paid in full, or $750 upfront followed by $499 per month.

The university noted the increasing number of opportunities in the national cannabis industry, which has experienced an average job growth of 27% over the past five years.

The four programs being offered each focus on different aspects of the industry.  For example, the health care and medicine certificate offers instruction on the medical properties of cannabis and provides students with the guidance they need to assist clients and patients with treating a variety of ailments and conditions with cannabis.

The agriculture and horticulture course covers caring for cannabis plants, studying cannabis botany and genetics, and exploring plant growth techniques as part of a program to provide information needed to effectively engage in cannabis production, management, and cultivation.

The business of cannabis path is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis industry, its evolution, and its future trajectory while the compliance and risk management area explores the complexities surrounding cannabis regulations, licensing, and security protocols along with industry best practices, legal frameworks, and compliance standards.

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