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Study Shows CBD Effective in Reducing Anxiety in Young People

A new study suggests that low to moderate doses of CBD may help reduce anxiety in teenagers and young adults.

According to Healthline, the study was led by researchers from Orygen, which is an Australian mental health organization and research institute. It was published on August 3rd in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Participants from ages 12 to 25 were chosen for the 12-week study after they had participated in at least five sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) without experiencing improvement with their anxiety symptoms.

Participants were given between 200 and 800mg of CBD per day for 12 weeks. They also continued (CBT) sessions for the duration of the study.

Researchers reported that participants experienced somewhere between a 42.6% and a 50.7% reduction in overall anxiety symptoms after treatment with CBD.

Additionally, participants reported only mild side effects from CBD at the low to moderate doses used in the study. These side effects were transitory and included things like fatigue and sedation.

Researchers caution that randomized and controlled studies are needed to confirm the findings of this open-label pilot study. Nevertheless, the results of the study are promising and are consistent with a growing body of research supporting the benefits of CBD for those with anxiety.

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