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Study Examines Effects Of CBD Solution On Anxiety, Depression And Sleep Quality

An oral CBD solution has been found to be beneficial in treating anxiety, depression, and poor quality of sleep, according to a Marijuana Moment report.

The findings were part of a new study funded by Leiutis Pharmaceuticals. The research was carried out by a seven-member team from Asha Hospital and Leiutis Pharmaceuticals LLP, both in India, and Biophore Pharma Inc., based in New Jersey. All the members of the team were employees of or consultants to Leiutis.

The report, which was published in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry, examined the effects of administering 300-600 mg of nanodispersible CBD oral solution for 12 weeks. According to the authors, it “is effective in treating mild to moderate anxiety disorders and associated depression and sleep quality disturbances. These findings align with the growing body of evidence indicating that CBD may have anxiolytic effects if administered for a longer duration, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks.”

The researchers noted the efficacy, safety and tolerability of the CBD solution on the various ailments with no incidents of withdrawal anxiety when users tapered their dose at the end of the treatment.

The authors said their findings support further investigation into whether nanodispersible CBD oral solution can treat other forms of psychiatry disorders and can also be applied in clinical practice.

Participants in the study were split into a CBD and a control group.  The CBD participants started receiving 300 milligrams of CBD  per day, eventually going up to 600 before tapering down to 150 at the end of the period, while the control group members received a placebo.

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