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San Francisco To Celebrate Cannabis Culture With First-Ever ‘Weed Week’

SAN FRANCISO, CA – A celebration of all things cannabis will be held in San Francisco as the city prepares for its first-ever ‘Weed Week”, KRON reports.

The celebration of cannabis culture will begin April 13 and feature a variety of events.  Organizers say it will include seven world-class growers releasing seven strains at seven lounges over the course of the seven nights leading up to 4/20, the holiday for marijuana enthusiasts.

“San Francisco’s cannabis culture has so much to offer,” said Ali Jamalian, owner of Sunset Connect and a founding advisor of SF Weed Week. “It only makes sense to showcase the cannabis epicenter of the world in a week-long celebration spread across the city with an array of amazing events and activations. All for free of course.”

Cultivators will premiere strains in participating lounges in the city, including Mission Cannabis Club, Meadow, SPARC, Moe Greens, Solful, The Vapor Room, and Flore.  San Francisco is one of the few locations in California with on-site smoking lounges that allow cannabis consumption, organizers noted.

“Weed growers are rock stars, and strains are celebrities,” said the creator of SF Weed Week, journalist David Downs. “I want to give these strain releases the same rock star treatment that album releases get. It’s going to be dope. 4/20 is on in San Francisco.”

Downs came up with the idea following a visit to SF Beer Week last year and with assistance from the city, organized the cannabis version.

“I love the fact that cannabis is so unifying; it traverses all demographics, races, ages, creeds. We are gonna keep centering the unity, and we’re gonna build together,” Downs said.

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