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Recreational Marijuana Approval Stays High Leading Up to Legalization Vote in Maryland

MARYLAND – According to a recent Goucher College Poll, support for marijuana legalization in Maryland has reached an all-time high ahead of an upcoming vote on the matter.

According to WJZ Baltimore, 62% of Marylanders support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, a significant improvement over the 57% approval rating just two years ago.

While a majority of residents support legalization, there are still signs of division along party lines. Although approval among republicans is higher than ever before, only 54% of those polled support the move while 44% oppose it.

Conversely, 65% of democrats support legalization while only 32% are opposed.

Recreational marijuana legalization in Maryland is set to be put to a vote in November. Should the vote pass, recreational marijuana could be available to adults over 21 by July, 2023.


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