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Recreational Cannabis Legislation Approved by Minnesota House

ST. PAUL, MN – After months of debate, the Minnesota House approved legislation on recreationally cannabis last night.

According to a report by Fox 9, the final version of the bill was approved by the House in a 73-57 vote. The legislation it will now proceed to the Senate for consideration. Lawmakers in the Senate are expected to hold a vote on the proposed bill prior to the end of the legislative session on Monday, May 22nd.

After undergoing deliberations in a conference committee, the bill successfully concluded its finalization process on Tuesday.

The committee reached a consensus on implementing a state tax of 10% in addition to sales taxes, allocating 80% of the revenue to the state for the funding of the Office of Cannabis Management, while the remaining 20% will be directed towards local governments.

Should the bill pass in the Senate, its next stop will be Gov. Tim Walz’s desk where it can be signed into law. Governor Walz, who has expressed his support for the bill, has reaffirmed his intention to sign it if it successfully passes through the legislative process.

Despite the anticipated signing of the bill into law, the implementation of legal marijuana possession in Minnesota is set to begin on August 1, with retail licenses likely to be issued in the following 12 to 16 months.

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