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Recreational Cannabis Initiative’s Ballot Language Approved for Ohio’s November Election

OHIO – The finalized language for an Ohio initiative seeking to legalize recreational marijuana in the state has been greenlit for the upcoming November election, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Dubbed State Issue 2, the proposal would enable individuals aged 21 and above to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, 15 grams of concentrates, and cultivate six plants per person or 12 plants per household. In addition to regular sales taxes, the initiative also includes a 10% tax on cannabis sales.

The revenue from the 10% tax would be allocated as follows:

  • 36% to a cannabis social equity and jobs fund.
  • 36% to a host community cannabis facilities fund.
  • 25% to the substance abuse and addiction fund.
  • 3% to the division of cannabis control and tax commission fund.

State Issue 2 introduces social equity retail and cultivation licenses tailored for entrepreneurs disproportionately affected by prohibition. Notably, the measure deviates from the norm by prohibiting local governments from singling out marijuana operators for extra taxes and limiting opt-out options.

The initiative has drawn considerable opposition, including from the governor, ever since it secured its spot on the upcoming ballot. the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, representing 112 local health departments, has also joined the opposition, aligning with the Protect Ohio Workers and Families campaign.

If approved by voters, State Issue 2 would take effect 30 days after the election.

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