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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Greenlight Cannabis Market Overhaul

PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvania state lawmakers have approved a bill to dismantle what they label a “near-monopoly” in the state’s medical cannabis sector, dominated by major multistate operators, MjBizDaily reports.

The legislation, now on Governor Josh Shapiro’s desk for expected approval, aims to level the playing field for small Pennsylvania businesses against industry giants. The bill permits up to 10 growers and four dispensaries statewide to apply for additional licenses, addressing limitations imposed by the 2016 medical marijuana law.

Notably, the compromise bill grants all dispensary licensees the ability to cultivate cannabis, and growers without dispensaries can operate up to three retail locations.

Despite hefty licensing fees, including $35,000 for dispensary permits and $210,000 for grower/processor permits, the move signifies a significant shift toward a more competitive and diversified medical cannabis market in Pennsylvania.

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