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PA Senators Propose Bipartisan Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

PENNSYLVANIA – Five state senators, including three from the Philadelphia area, have introduced a bipartisan bill to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults in Pennsylvania, according to CBS News.

Introduced on July 6, Senate Bill 846 aims to create a Cannabis Regulatory Control Board to oversee the industry and handle permits and applications from dispensaries.

Additionally, the proposed legislation sets possession limits and bans marketing of cannabis products to children, while requiring clear labeling indicating they are not intended for children. It also advocates for the expungement of nonviolent cannabis offenses and provides licenses to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to sell the drug legally.

Also under the new bill, medical cannabis patients can grow up to five plants for personal therapeutic use and an 8% sales tax on cannabis products will be imposed, with an additional 5% excise tax on cannabis sales.

“With neighboring states New Jersey and New York implementing adult use, we have a duty to Pennsylvania taxpayers to legalize adult-use marijuana to avoid losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars of new tax revenue and thousands of new jobs,” said Sen. Dan Laughlin (R- Erie County).

According to sponsors, the bill represents a revised edition of Senate Bill 473, which aimed to legalize cannabis but did not succeed during the 2021-22 session.

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