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Organic Farms Launches First-Ever Drive-Thru Dispensary in Camden

CAMDEN, NJ – The town Camden of celebrated the debut of its newest recreational cannabis dispensary, Organic Farms, with a groundbreaking feature – the city’s first cannabis drive-thru window.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, The dispensary, owned by Camden native Dominic Rivera, also stands out as the city’s first recreational micro dispensary. This is a departure from larger multi-state operators dominating New Jersey’s cannabis scene.

“For me, it’s a big deal because I’m the little guy,” Rivera said.

Organic Farms has an additional exciting dimension. As one of the five Cookies Corners locations in New Jersey, it is a part of a collaboration with rapper Berner’s Cookies cannabis and clothing brand. This affiliation grants Organic Farms access to exclusive Cookies products, and there’s even the possibility of in-store visits from Berner himself when he’s in the area for performances.

For customers wishing to experience the convenience of the drive-thru service, they must place orders via the Organic Farms website in advance. Upon arrival at the dispensary’s location at 2895 Mt. Ephraim Ave, customers have their IDs verified, complete their purchases, and receive their chosen products—all while staying comfortably inside their vehicles.

Despite its proximity to Philadelphia, it’s important to note that cannabis products cannot cross any state lines. Organic Farms hopes to fill a vital role in providing an accessible and innovative cannabis retail option for Camden residents.

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