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Ohio Cannabis Organization Holds First Farmers Market In Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH – About 1,000 people gathered for Ohio Cannabis’s first-ever farmer’s market that was held in Cleveland last week, according to Cleveland.com

The event at RedSpace on Superior Avenue was billed as a way to help cannabis enthusiasts in the community learn the fundamentals and techniques needed to grow their own cannabis at home.

Local vendors shared their insights on how to cultivate cannabis plants while also selling seeds, plants and growing equipment.  One of the demo instructors was the president and CEO of Ohio Cannabis, John Lutz, known as “Johnny Cannabis”.  He offered guidance on growing at home and said the event was a way to bring together members of the cannabis community.

He told WJW, “This is an exciting time that people can finally come in and get access to genetics, talk to other breeders, talk to other growers, learn the techniques that they’re going to need to have success early on so they stay in the hobby.”

Last November, Ohio became the 24th U.S. state to legalize the recreational possession and use of marijuana for individuals age 21 and older, including permission to grow at home.  But the state has yet to clear the way for adults to begin purchasing cannabis from dispensaries.

“People are really excited about Ohio changing the law,” said Glenn Keeling of Happy Time, one of the vendors at the farmer’s market. “I think people are more positive and you’re finding people that normally wouldn’t come out to event that are now coming out because they want to know more information.”

Ohio Cannabis is planning other farmers market events, including one in Circleville on March 23 and a festival and farmers market in Canton on April 20, and Lutz said he hopes to make it a monthly event.

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