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Northwest Missouri State University Experiences Enrollment Surge in Cannabis Industry Courses Following Legalization

MISSOURI – Northwest Missouri State University is experiencing a surge in enrollment for its online courses centered on the cannabis industry, in response to the growth of Missouri’s cannabis sector following its recreational legalization in 2022, according to KSHB.

Dr. Jay Johnson, the associate provost of the university, highlighted their commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging opportunities in Missouri.

“As an educator and as an education institution we really want to be on the front of a lot of things that are coming into the state of Missouri,” said Dr. Johnson.

The university began offering courses in this field only a few years ago when institutional resources for learning about cannabis were scarce. With the recent legalization, these courses have gained traction. Gabrielle Sparks, a student at NW Missouri State, chose to enroll in horticulture and agriculture courses to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical aspect of the cannabis industry, driven by her personal experience with the benefits of medical marijuana.

“I chose the horticulture and agriculture lesson. I was thinking about getting into more (of) the science/medicine-type thing like that so I can get more into the pharmaceutical industry,” said Sparks.

The rapid grow of the cannabis industry and positive impact on people’s lives have inspired students like Sparks, who view it as an industry with immense potential and the opportunity to make a positive impact in a legal manner.

“Really inspiring seeing how far that this industry really can get you,” says Sparks. “And you see them booming in the industry. You see them helping millions of people, and they love that they’re helping millions of people now that they can actually do it in a legal way.”

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