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North Carolina House to Consider Medical Cannabis Bill

ASHEVILLE, NC – The North Carolina State Assembly is currently deliberating both recreational and medicinal cannabis bills, the latter of which has shown more promise in recent months.

According to WLOS, Senate Bill 3, which aims to legalize medical cannabis, has successfully passed the state Senate and advanced to the House for further consideration.

Last year, a prior iteration of SB3 successfully passed the Senate but encountered obstacles that prevented it from reaching the House. However, this year, the most recent version of the bill has achieved a significant milestone by clearing the Senate and progressing to the House

“The North Carolina Senate has voted twice on medical marijuana,” said Rep. Lindsey Prather, D-District 115. “The House has done nothing. So, this is, absolutely, a step forward.”

According to a recent poll conducted by Meredith College, a majority of North Carolinians, 73%, express support for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. The survey revealed that 15% of respondents opposed the legalization effort, while 12% remained undecided on the matter.

While the House is only discussing the bill, it provides an opportunity to consider various options related to its implementation. These considerations include determining the logistics of how the bill would be executed, establishing the qualifying conditions for medical treatment, addressing security measures required to safeguard the supply, and identifying potential sources for the supply.

If the bill passes the House Committee on Health and the House Appropriations Committee, it has a strong chance of reaching a full House vote and eventually being presented to the governor for potential approval.

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