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New Mexico’s First-Ever Cannabis Consumption Lounge Opens in Las Cruces

LAS CRUCES, NM – Sol Cannabis, the Las Cruces-based cannabis company opened the very first consumption lounge in the state of New Mexico, KFOX 14 reports.

Kwame Ponshock, one of the founders of Sol Cannabis wants the consumption lounge to be a place for people to safely consume marijuana without the fear of being ridiculed or even arrested.

“I wanted to have a refuge for people like myself and be able to utilize cannabis in a cannabis friendly zone with other cannabis users gives us a way to adapt and be more public,” says Ponshock.

Since the law in New Mexico requires consumers to use cannabis in their homes for the most part, this lounge will be the first space where people can freely and openly consume cannabis. Local residents and cannabis consumers like Alex McClesser are optimistic about experiencing a different way to socialize, rather than going to a bar.

“As an adult, how do you do that [socialize] without getting drunk and reckless? I’m not reckless when I smoke weed, so it’s kind of better,” said McClesser.

The consumption lounge at Sol Cannabis is now open at their location on E. Idaho Avenue.

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