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New Mexico Reaches $1.9 Million on First Day of Legal Cannabis Sales

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Retail cannabis sales in New Mexico saw nearly $2 million in sales within the first day of adult-use legalization, KRQE reports.

New Mexico businesses reported $475,000  at noon last Friday after dispensaries began opening to the public starting at midnight. According to data from the Cannabis Control Division (CCD) the total of adult-cannabis sales statewide reached $1.9 million before midnight on Saturday.

“New Mexicans turned out today in strong numbers to show their support for high-quality New Mexico products coming to them for the first time. The Cannabis Control Division is excited for all the consumers and all of the businesses that have been part of this historic day,” said Heather Brewer, a spokesperson for the CCD.

Even Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham spent time at a local dispensary. She visited the Everest Cannabis Company in Albuquerque to speak with retailers, customers, and for a tour of the facility.

“We seem so much more prepared. New Mexicans just get it done,” said Gov. Grisham.

Some retailers were faced with a few setbacks on opening day. BioTrack, an inventory tracking software, wasn’t allowing recreational sales until later in the morning. Therefore, dispensaries like Albuquerque’s Bad Company were limited to medial sales until that problem was resolved.

The success of the first day of adult-use sales leads some retailers to believe that prices could rise in the coming weeks. However, supply does not appear to be an issue at this time.

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