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New Hampshire Gov. Shifts Opinion on Cannabis, Sparks Push for Legalization

CONCORD, NH – A recent change in stance by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who previously denounced cannabis legalization, has sparked a sudden surge of momentum for new legislation in a last-minute push.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Sununu opposed a number of bipartisan bills that eventually failed in the Stenate. However, following the most recent legislative setback earlier this month, Gov. Sununu made a public announcement indicating his support for legalization, conditional on lawmakers adopting an alternative approach.

The House Commerce Committee voted Tuesday to modify an unrelated bill, using it as a means to introduce a fresh proposal aligned with Governor Sununu’s vision. The plan, which suggests regulating marijuana in a manner similar to the control of wine and liquor sales, aligns with the Governor’s current stance.

The recently introduced measure bears resemblance to a proposal considered by lawmakers last year, which involved granting regulatory and sales responsibilities for cannabis to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission.

Former state Representative Susan Homola opposed the bill, criticizing lawmakers who persist in advocating for it, accusing them of disregarding data highlighting the detrimental consequences associated with legalization.

“Through the governor’s flip-flop on recreational marijuana in the ninth hour of the legislative session to this committee’s willingness to jam in this bill that’s already been shot down in the Senate… it’s clear that this isn’t way to legislate,” Homola said.

If the bill successfully passes through both the House and the Senate, New Hampshire will become the latest addition to the list of half the states in New England that have legalized adult-use cannabis.

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