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Nevada Cannabis Board Gives Green Light to Consumption Lounges

NEVADA – After months of debate, Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) approved regulations for cannabis consumption lounges through a unanimous vote at Tuesday’s meeting.

According to a report by News 4, the CCB took 15 meetings and several workshops before passing the new regulations that make ordering cannabis just as legal as ordering an alcoholic beverage.

The approval vote comes with a number of strict regulations that put both public safety, health, and social equity at the forefront.

“…for our board to be able to promulgate regulations around what a social equity applicant is to begin to bring in more diverse ownership and in this industry is a great step forward for the state,” said Tyler Klimas, Executive Director for CCB.

There will be about 40-45 retail licenses and 20 independent licenses given out to local businesses. After the licenses are distributed, the decision to open consumption lounges will be left to local jurisdictions.

“All the local jurisdictions have had the regulations, they’ve been having those discussions. And so I think they’re all prepared to move at the pace that they feel is necessary for their jurisdiction,” said Klimas.

The application period is set to open in the fall, following a period of information and question asking sessions.

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