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Minnesota’s First Recreational Cannabis Shop Opens to Overwhelming Demand

MINNESOTA – The inaugural recreational cannabis shop in Minnesota, spearheaded by the Red Lake Nation tribe, opened its doors Tuesday to an unprecedented number of new customers.

According to a report by Marijuana Moment, the NativeCare shop attracted customers from distant locations, some traveling several hours to participate in the legal market. The demand was overwhelming, with the shop serving over 300 customers on the first day and having to turn people away in the afternoon to manage the rush.

Due to the high number of purchases, the shop also had to suspend online orders temporarily to fulfill the backlog of orders.

Currently, the Red Lake Nation stands as the only tribe engaging in cannabis legal sales throughout the entire state. However, the White Earth Nation tribe is poised to follow suit, having secured the governing council’s approval for sales just last week.

While possession and cultivation of cannabis are now legal for adults over 21, state-licensed retailers are not expected to operate until 2024 at the earliest. Notably, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has openly shown interest in becoming part of the cannabis industry, expressing a desire to have his image featured on a marijuana brand.

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