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Massive Cannabis Grow House Prepares for Recreational Pot as Florida Contemplates Legalization

FLORIDA – Trulieve’s colossal 750,000-square-foot grow house in Capps signals a new era in cannabis production, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The facility, equivalent to 13 football fields, showcases cutting-edge technology in climate-controlled cannabis cultivation.

With 400-plus workers overseeing the process, from seedlings to mature plants, Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers envisions its role in supplying recreational marijuana if Florida legalizes it in 2024. The facility’s flexibility allows for rapid scaling in response to potential surges in demand.

“That facility gives us the ability to take that product to large-scale output with a high quality,” Rivers said. “If Florida recreational passes and we see an immediate demand spike, having that flexibility in our portfolio to ramp those buildings up to meet demand in very short order and very little cost to us is … an important advantage.”

Trulieve, a major player in Florida’s $2 billion medical cannabis market, has invested nearly $40 million in the Smart & Safe Florida ballot initiative to legalize adult-use cannabis.

Rivers anticipates a threefold increase in the state’s marijuana industry if recreational use is approved, estimating sales to reach $6 billion annually.

The company’s strategic move to construct the expansive grow house predates the initiative, positioning Trulieve competitively in the evolving cannabis landscape. The Florida Supreme Court is reviewing the ballot language, and Trulieve remains optimistic about its approval.

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