Kansas Lawmakers Hold Final Meetings on Medical Cannabis Legalization

TOPEKA, KS – Lawmakers in Kansas held the first meeting on Wednesday regarding an agreement to legalize medical cannabis in the state, KSNT reports.

The state drafted the plan under Senate Bill 12, which includes regulations for distributing and selling cannabis.

Senator Bob Olson (R-Olathe), chair of the Senate Federal and State committee, told the Kansas Capitol Bureau they are using this time to draft a bill that will pass in both the House and the Senate

“We still got some time, if we don’t get it done this session…we still have a couple weeks when we come back for sine die to run that,” said Sen. Olson. “But, I believe we’ll probably work hard the next few days trying to get a bill together.”

The meeting concluded with member of both chambers agreeing to meet on the bill another time.

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