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Illinois Judge Allows State to Issue Licenses to 185 New Cannabis Businesses

ILLINOIS – A Cook County Circuit Judge ended the court order that prohibited the state from issuing licenses to 185 new cannabis businesses, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Judge Michael Mullen removed the stays that have been in place since late last summer. The measure was originally taken as the courts considered a number of lawsuits brought upon by business owners who felt they were unfairly excluded from licensing lotteries.

These licenses allow cannabis companies that spent thousands to stay alive without any sales to make significant steps towards opening their stores, such as buying or renting real estate, hiring employees, and obtaining supplies.

Attorney Ryan Holz, who represents a number of cannabis businesses in the area was enthusiastic about the recent ruling. However, he is cautious that other businesses who were excluded from this round of licenses may request a new order that could tie things up in the court system yet again.

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