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Germany’s Parliament Votes To Legalize Recreational Use of Cannabis

MUNICH, GERMANY – The lower house of Germany’s Parliament has voted in favor of limited use of recreational marijuana, reports the Associated Press.

By a vote of 407-226 on Friday, the Bundestag approved legislation put forth by Germany’s ruling coalition party.  Under the measure, adults will be able to cultivate up to three plants for private consumption and possession by adults of up to 25 grams (nearly 1 ounce) of marijuana for recreational purposes will be legal starting April 1.

From July 1, cannabis would also be available in licensed not-for-profit clubs with no more than 500 members – all of whom would have to be adults. Only club members would be allowed to consume the cannabis that is grown there.  Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who personally opposed legalizing cannabis in the past, said legalization is the right approach now for the nation.

“The aim is to crack down on the black market and drugs-related crime, reduce the amount of dealing and cut the number of users,” Lauterbach said ahead of the vote.

The German government said that cannabis would remain illegal for minors.  Consuming cannabis will be permitted in public but doing it near schools, playgrounds and sports facilities would be illegal.  There would also be a ban on advertising or sponsoring cannabis.

”Child and youth protection is at the heart of what this law is meant to achieve,” Lauterbach said. “Nobody should misunderstand this law: cannabis consumption is being legalized, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous.”

Germany will become the third country in Europe to legalize cannabis for recreational use, following Malta and Luxembourg.

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