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Gallup poll shows Americans prefer smoking marijuana over cigarettes

PHOENIX, AZ – The latest Gallop poll released on August 16 showed that Americans preferred smoking marijuana over cigarettes.

According to FOX10, the poll results shared several statistics regarding Americans and marijuana.

The number of people that currently smoke marijuana is up to 16% versus 12% last year. In contrast only 11% of adults shared they smoke cigarettes. This number has been steadily declining from 45% in the 1950s.

Almost half (48%) of Americans have tried marijuana at some point, which is the highest number a Gallup poll has ever reported.

Plus, the poll also reported that marijuana use was highest among adults ages 18 to 34. In that age group 30% shared they smoke pot and 22% shared they consume marijuana edibles. Marijuana use among adults 35 to 54 years old was 16% and ages 55 and up was 7%.

The poll also shared that 68% of adults felt marijuana should be legal.

As more states move to legalize marijuana, Cannabutter Digest will be here to cover all of the latest news, exciting new products, and delicious recipes. Check back often to stay up today on all cannabis industry trends. 

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