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Fort Lee Dispensary Given Approval for Adult Marijuana Sales in New Jersey

FORT LEE, NJ – A dispensary owned by Ascend Wellness was given approval by the state for adult marijuana sales on Friday, Sept. 9.

According to NJ.com, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission voted 3-2 to allow the alternative treatment center (ATC) to expand adult weed sales. Once Ascend Wellness completes the final municipal approval steps they will be able to begin their sales.

The Fort Lee location was one of seven New Jersey dispensaries that were originally approved by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) for recreational weed sales to adults back in April.

After voting Friday, the CRC has now approved a total of 505 conditional licenses for cannabis manufacturing, retailing and cultivation. The CRC also shared of the 1,300 applications received for licenses, all have started the review process and only 88 need a completeness review.

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