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Denton, TX City Council Debates Cannabis Decriminalization Ordinance

DENTON, TX – Several months following a proposition to decriminalize cannabis in Denton passed with a 70% vote, the City Council voted Tuesday to refrain from fully enacting the ordnance, NBC DFW reports.

Under the new ordinance, officers using marijuana odor as a basis for search and seizure is prohibited. It also explicitly forbids the allocation of city funds for THC level testing.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, more than 30 individuals from both sides of the issue stepped to the podium to voice their support or opposition to the ordinance. The attendees included law enforcement officials who expressed concerns about the potential hindrance to their ability to effectively do their jobs if the proposed law were to be enacted.

Although the full implementation of the law was rejected, it continues to be upheld based on the voters’ decision.

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