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Chicago to Level Up Career Conference for Cannabis-Industry Job Seekers

CHICAGO, IL – A cannabis jobs career fair, organized by restorative justice advocates, is set to take place in Chicago this month, according to Forbes.

The event, known as the Level Up Career Conference, aims to provide job seekers with valuable resources and support to enhance their readiness for employment within the regulated cannabis industry.

40 Tons, a social organization dedicated to restorative justice and promoting equitable access to career opportunities, is hosting the Level Up Career Conference. The event focuses on empowering individuals through valuable resources and support, with a particular emphasis on African American and women-owned businesses.

The job fair is positioned as an innovative employment resource that unites employers and diverse job seekers by promoting social justice and fostering equitable hiring practices.

“The path to restorative justice is through employment, education and expungement, and 40 Tons’ mission is to close the gaps within all industries, starting with the cannabis industry,” says CEO of 40 Tons Brand, Loriel Alegrete. “We’re excited to host the Level Up Conference in Chicago on Juneteenth, an important day of liberation for Black people. Our goal is to present a wide range of resources that go beyond a traditional job fair to be a catalyst for attendees to ‘level up’ in their careers.”

Additionally, 40 Tons joins forces with civic leaders, local organizations, including the Westside Justice Center, Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition, multiple law firms, and law school students, to establish an expungement clinic during the cannabis job fair. The clinic offers a wide range of comprehensive services such as offsite fingerprinting at the Chicago Police Department, assistance in petition creation, access to legal aid, and securing rap sheets.

The fair will also feature a diverse range of educational sessions aimed at fostering professional development, including “Grow With Google,” “How to Beat the ATS System to Get Your Resume Seen by HR Recruiters,” “Pivot Smarter Into the Industry (Transferable Skills),” “Is DEI a Buzzword?,” “Life After A Cannabis Conviction,” “Building a Social Impact Brand,” and “Responsible Dispensary Agent Training,” and many more.

The 40 Tons Level Up Career Conference & Business Expo is scheduled to take place at the Malcolm X College Conference Center in Chicago on Monday, June 19th, coinciding with Juneteenth.

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