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Cannabis Companies in Connecticut Hold Job Fair in Rocky Hill

ROCKY HILL, CT – With retail stores set to open by the beginning of next year, cannabis companies across Connecticut are looking to fill positions at an increasing rate.

According to WTNH, Chicago-based company Verano held a cannabis job fair in Rocky Hill with the goal of attracting potential employees across the state.

One of the fair’s attendees, Joseph Phlam, of Middletown, is optimistic about his future in the cannabis industry after applying for a cultivation position.

“I hope I get a job. I’m trying to get my foot in the door. It’s all new to me,” said Phlam. “There are good benefits of [cannabis], [my girlfriend] has a medical card for actual reason. She’d rather do that then take pain pills.”

Verano says jobs in the cannabis industry are experience-based and pay up to $18 an hour.

The first shops in Connecticut are expected to be approved next month.

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