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Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Laws Launches with Hopes for Reform in Iowa

IOWA – A new campaign launched in Iowa with hopes of bringing cannabis law reform to a state where the idea has been adamantly opposed by leadership in recent years.

According to CBS 2, the Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Laws was launched in early May with the belief that the current laws concerning cannabis are out of touch with what people want. A poll by the Des Moines Register in 2021  revealed that 54% of Iowans support the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stands firmly opposed to the idea, ““I believe marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to other illegal drug use and has a negative effect on our society,” says Reynolds. “We are currently facing a crisis at our southern border with record amounts of drugs pouring into our country and infiltrating our states and communities.”

Bradly Knott, President of the Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Laws, believes state leadership is preventing some republican legislators from supporting any sort of legalization bill.

“There’s more support in the republican party than what the leadership allows to be seen. They’ve pretty much [stuck] with the governor and leaderships line about ‘We’re not gonna pass this’ but off the record they’ll say, ya know, if we can get some movement here I would be more supportive,” said Knott

The grassroots effort is currently collecting signatures on a petition to be presented to state leaders.

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