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Black Friday Deals Draw Big Crowds at West Michigan Dispensary

MICHIGAN – A winding line of customers surrounded the Levels Cannabis parking lot in Kalamazoo this morning, all seeking to capitalize on the dispensary’s Black Friday offerings, WWMT reports.

Among the enticing deals was a $200 goodie bag, revealed by Levels’ general manager, Drew McCarthy. However, the catch was customers needed to spend $100 to unlock double the value in products.

“Black Friday is a big stressful day, after a big stressful day,” McCarthy said. “So, we wanted to give back to people and be able to have them not just take back the product they bought, but something extra to go and share with people around them and kind of go and promote that holiday spirit.”

McCarthy also noted the positive atmosphere, saying, “Everyone’s being so kind and polite to each other… it’s already the holiday season, and the spirit is out there.”

The anticipation was not limited to Kalamazoo, as McCarthy reported that the Niles location saw a line forming around 10 p.m. Thursday.

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