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Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to Hold Public Meeting on Industry Regulation

ALABAMA – The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is holding a public hearting for feedback on a recently released draft of regulations for the industry, WFSA reports.

According to John McMillan, the commission’s director, topics of discussion will range from cultivation licenses, to transportation and dispensaries. These topics and more are each outlined in 10 documents published on the commission’s website.

“It’s lengthy,” said John McMillan, the commission’s director. “The next step is going to be finalizing the rules and regulations, and then getting those applications in and processed and awarding the licenses.”

Melissa Mullins, a lobbyist with Alabamians 4 Medical Cannabis Freedom & Disability Rights, cited a number of changes her organization would like to see put into place, including:

  • A more realistic plan for Small businesses/Farmers
  • Nurses should be allowed to access the medical cannabis registry
  • No dosage caps
  • Reinstate the option that allows physicians to petition the Commission
  • Reinstate the reciprocity clause
  • Decriminalization & Expungement

McMillian hopes the event will not be used as a debate on cannabis, rather a proactive discussion on regulations to keep their agenda on track.

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