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Alabama Expected to Approve First Round of Licensed Growers by Mid-Summer

TUSCALOOSA, AL – The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has announced that the state’s medical cannabis industry is slowly gaining traction, and the first round of licensed growers is expected to be approved by mid-summer, WBRC reports.

According to the head of the Medical Association of Alabama, Mark Jackson, the medical cannabis industry in the state is about a year away from full operation and working in concert with growers, physicians, and the state.

The physician’s role in this process is critical, as they will be the ones who will determine whether the patient’s medical condition requires medical cannabis. Doctors will have to complete a four-hour course to recommend cannabis, which will then “certify” the patient. Without an official certification from an doctor who has completed the course, patinates are unable to purchase cannabis.

“The role of the physician is to determine that patient does have a medical condition that requires medical cannabis,” Jackson says.

Once a patient is certified, their name will be entered into a state-developed registry. The patent will also be required to register with the state individually before they are issued a card and are able to legally purchase cannabis products.

The physician’s course is expected to launch sometime in the next several weeks.

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